Timothy James

Collected Poetry

Collected Poetry

TimothyJames September 8, 2019

Here are a few selected poems I have written over the years.


Puissant lips pucker precociously for predators

Fearsome pheasants forage

For a plethora of feasible females to flash their lavish plumage

There’s no room for lame Pochards, sluggard.

Better start running.

The lioness lurks to leap

As purple-assed baboons flash their teeth

Seek the finest, slim and sleek

There’s a chain, you’re much beneath

They would not want one who’s so meek,

They want a strong, aggressive mate,

They would not want

An ungulate.

Of Summer Things

Fateful forays on forgetful airways

Leading out of comfort and into the fray

To become part of the family on long summer days

With warm sultry eyes and what they’d convey

And a beautiful smile that would say

Things imparted without need of speech

A confusion of feelings after antics at the beach

So walk with me to the ocean and have a release

Or maybe the pool where crazy eyes will increase

A part of our puzzle, this is only a piece

Breezy air paths feast with a triangular twist

Intertwined together so we might reminisce

An unknown connection that we might remiss

Loaded into our lips for a spark fueled kiss


Intrinsic cylinders of self doubting soliloquies

The slow burning process of inward telepathy

A key and a door with no hinges or floor

Couldnt use the tools of fools anymore

And section by section we drop in succession

Passing and passing despite our perplexion

Without predilection while playing with matches

Drifting and wafting until we are ashes

Inhaling swirly brains exposed to serious hoax

And its funny cus its what’s wanted the most

And when the door opened, standing there toasted

Can you see the disfunction and folly of notion,

Cast in your wavelengths by empiric vultures

And doubt spread everywhere, tell the naysayers

Because nobody will answer our prayers

Look through the doors and see

Then imagine what could have been

And chance or fate might break it lately,

And then what will, will come innately

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