Timothy James

About Me

About Me

“We are the facilitators of our own creative evolution.” – Bill Hicks

Hey there. My name is Timothy James, but most people call me TJ. I’m a writer from the Bronx, NYC, currently living in Brasilia, Brazil. Writing is my passion. I’ve known from an early age that bringing stories to life with words is what I was meant to do. I love all kinds of writing, but my main focuses are screenwriting, fiction, and poetry. I also enjoy writing articles, copywriting, and branding as well.

I have a wide range of interests including film, literature, baseball, mixed martial arts, music, politics, and philosophy. My dream is to create works that will bring people joy as well as provoke thought. I am in love with the idea of bringing complex concepts to life through the means of writing! I offer a wide array of creative writing services which can be seen here.

I am currently working on multiple projects, including a horror genre screenplay, an epic fantasy novel, and a collection of poems.