Timothy James



I offer a wide variety of creative writing services. For inquiries, please email schoonmt@gmail.com or text me through WhatsApp at +1 (917) 913-6514. Alternatively, you can visit my Fiverr profile here.


I offer various kinds of copywriting for businesses, including email marketing campaigns, SEO blog articles, print and website ads, and more! I also offer branding services where I will create slogans, themes, and hashtags to trend your business virally.


Do you need a script for a television, YouTube, or Instagram video advertisement? Perhaps for a corporate video or podcast for your business? Whatever your script needs are, I offer professional, high-quality scripts for every project.

I also offer professional screenwriting and script editing for short and feature length film projects.

Additionally, if you are unsure of how to start your memoir, or need someone to create a compelling e-book, I offer top-shelf ghostwriting services specific to your needs.

Personalized Monologues

If you are a professional actor forever searching for the perfect monologue, look no further! I offer highly personalized 30, 60, and 90 second monologues that are sure to get you cast in your dream role! After a brief interview, I will craft a scene catered to highlight your strengths and make you stick out from the crowd.